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Omron Power Supply More Control Repair most types of power supplies. From single phase and three phase power supplies to Linear, Switch Mode and Uninterruptible (UPS) power supplies.

More Control provides an OEM level of quality service for power supply repairs at competitive rates. As a premier partner of Omron, More Control has the ability to repair and calibrate many of Omron's power supplies.

Our technicians at More Control have worked on most Omron power supplies. Working with Omron ERC (European Repair Centre), More Control can repair linear and switching power supplies for a broad range of applications. After each power supply is serviced, a full load test sequence is run to ensure the power supply meets the original design specifications.

When a power supply arrives at our office it is sent off to Omron European Repair Centre, tested, inspected and given a full service report. All service power supplies are covered by a full one year warranty.

Every power supply is run through a complete test sequence to test the performance at all load levels. Each DC output is monitored to ensure it meets the manufacturers' specifications.

During the repair of power supplies, all capacitors are tested for component value, ESR and leakage. Any degraded capacitors are replaced with original equipment grade parts. When you require an Omron power supply repaired, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

Common Power Supply Faults

Omron Power Supply As the power supply operates, the switching transistors are cycling at high frequencies with only one being on at a time. If one of the transistors starts to fail, the two transistor will both be on at the same instant. This condition causes a large strain on the power supply causing large currents to flow from the DC rail to ground and damage both transistors as well as supporting components.

With fast switching frequencies and high currents, any diodes that are showing signs of degradation will have an elevated operating temperature. Without replacement diodes, the power supply will eventually fail and allow extreme current spikes to damage other critical components in the system.

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