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More Control has worked on numerous different kinds of industrial equipment used over the last 20 years. Specialising in control systems, motion control, software support, PLC's and HMI programming, More Control invests skill and energy into providing high quality cost effective repairs on machines.

If parts are no longer available for your machine repair, More Control can work with your company to integrate a suitable upgrade / replacement into your existing system.

If your machine has broken down and you need help fixing / repairing it, contact us on
0345 00 00 400 and our engineers will support you to fix, fit, upgrade and repair your machinery towards your end requirements.

Machine Repair Projects:

Torbed 750 Dryer Repair

More Control was asked to fix and repair a Torbed 750 automatic batch processor machine which had recently broken down.

Torbed 750 Dryer Machine The TORBED created by the Torbed 750 dryer provides a method of processing particles of any shape in a gas stream which is normally hot air. Ideal for food industries the Torbed 750 dryer creates a gently rotating bed of material which is continually mixing with hot air passing through the bed. This simple, yet effective process increases heat transfer rate, creating a homogeneous treatment of the end product.

Inside the Torbed 750 machine is an integrated system containing a C200H & CS1 PLC, a NT21-ST121 HMI with an Omron 3G3IV inverter. More Control was able to re-fit the control systems and re-programme the software of the machine to whatever end user requirement was needed.

If you have a Torbed machine which needs repairing or any other automated machine, contact More Control and will support you each step of the way to minimise downtime & improve overall machine efficiency.

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