Omron PLC

Omron Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) designed with high processing speeds and full transparency. Omron PLC's provide users with numerous functions and controls from small scale equipment to entire production lines. Omron PLC's allow for seamless data exchange inside machines and across entire plants. From smart remote I/O's, to the compact CP1 range, right through to high performance modular CJ1 and backplane based CS1 series systems, Omron have a wide range of PLC's to suit any application needs.

Omron Compact / Micro PLC CP1

Omron Micro PLCCompact / Micro PLC's, with integrated power supply, inputs and outputs range from the simple non-expandable 10-point CPM1A controllers, to the powerful CP1H PLC unit. Equipped with a large instruction set to allow efficient, streamline programming, these Omron PLC's are ideal for small machine control.

Omron Compact PLC's can have up to 320 I/O's. Omron compact PLC's are built with high speed counter functions and pulse outputs. The compact Omron PLC is designed for applications for simple positioning and speed control.

Omron Modular PLC

Omron CJ1M Modular PLCWith a wide range of interchangeable CPUs, network units and motion modules, Omron modular PLC's are the ultimate modular system. Supporting Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET-IO and CAN, Omron modular PLC's can easily access any point to an intelligent networked device. Omron Modular PLC's can have up to 2,560 I/O's. The Omron Modular PLC range is first class in terms of control performance and transparent communication architecture. 

Omron CJ Series Modular PLC

Omron CJ1M Modular PLCThe Omron family of CJ1 PLC can operate from very small CPUS to powerful, fast models to offer complete machine control to handle up to 2560I/O.

The Omron CJ1 offers a wide choice of analogue input units fit for any application, from low speed multi channel temperature measurement to high speed, high accuracy data acquisition. The Omron CJ Series provides both standardised open network interfaces. 


Omron CS Series Rack PLC

Omron CJ1M Modular PLCThe Omron CS1 offers a wide choice of analogue inputs, fit for any industrial application. The Omron CS1 systems can operate on a 24VDC or 100 - 240VAC mains. Available in two processor speeds, each with various memory capacities. The CS1 series range from basic CPU models, to more advanced versions for dual redundant operation, support I/O hot swapping.

Omron Rack PLC

Omron CS1GH Rack PLCThe Omron Rack PLC range offers the widest selection of I/O and special function units due to their backwards-compatibility options with the Omron C200H range. High resolution, high speed analogue data acquisition, continuous-path motion control and user-programmable communication units makes the CS1 a truly universal PLC for a wide range of demanding applications. Omron Rack PLC's can have up to 5,000 I/O's. The Omron CS1 also offers duplex CPUs and lop control for process industries. 

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