Control Components

Omron Control Components

Omron Control Components Omron Industrial Automation is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Temperature Controller

Omron Temperature Controller

Omron temperature control units are suitable from simple temperature applications, through to advanced controllers complete with programmable profiles and communications. This range of Omron temperature controllers feature various control modes and a variety of selectable input ranges.

Omron Switch Mode Power Supplies

Omron Switch Mode Power SupplyOmron power supplies are a vital part of any control system, panel or machine, and the reliability of the supply is essential for trouble free operation. Omron has been pioneering in the production of switch mode power supplies for industrial automation. Omron provide a wide range of power supplies with functionalities to meet end user requirements. Beyond providing DC power, Omron offer a reliable products which is not measured in robustness and stand-time, but also in the ability to meet all required relevant safety standards.

Omron Timers

OmronDigital Timer timers include motor times, electronic timers, standard and digital timers. All Omron timers are available in a wide variety of housing and mounting methods to suit end user requirements. Omron timers features relay, contact or transistor outputs, and a timer range from 0.001 seconds to 9999 hours.

Omron Counters

Omron CountersOmron counters offer solutions to all measurement process requirements. This range of Omron counters includes models for total counting, timing, pre-set counting and specific cam positioning.

Omron Programmable Relays

Omron Zen Programmable RelayOmron programmable relays, the ZEN is a compact programmable relay for flexible scale automation. Omron programmable relays are easy to program. Omron offer relays with CPU's of 10- or 20- I/O fixed or expandable up to 44 I/O and with communication. Omron relays are available with output ranges of 12 to 24VDC models have also an analogue input and an 8 digit high speed counter.

Omron Digital Panel Indicators

Omron Digital Panel IndicatorOmron digital panel indictors accept a wide range of input signals (process, temperature, pulse/impulse weight, etc) which can be displayed in any required value. Omron digital panel indictors include a green / red colour change display feature, which clearly visualise the status of a process.

Omron Grid-tie photovoltaic inverter

Omron Photovoltaic InvertersOmron grid connected PV inverter is a type of electrical inverter which is made to transform the direct (DC) electricity from a photovoltaic array of PV modules into alternating current (AC) for use with home appliance and possibly to a utility grid.

For safety reasons, the Omron PV inverters are designed to suit down automatically upon loss of utility.

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