Omron Timers (Analogue / Digital / Motor / PCB)

Analogue Solid State Timers

The Omron Analogue Solid State Timers represent one of the widest electronic analogue series available on the market. The Omron range includes a 17.5mm time (H3DS), a 22.5 mm timer the H3DK and a front panel / plug-in 48x48mm timer (H3DS). When space is a factor, Omron also provide two compact ranges, the H3RN and H3YN timers.

Omron H3DS Timer

Omron H3DS TimerThe Omron H3DS is a DIN-rail mounted, standard 17.5mm width solid state timer. This range of time includes numerous functionalities and has a wide AC/DC power supply range. Models with screw-less clamp connections are also available.

Main Features:

  • 17.5mm width, modular 45mm
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • 24-48VDC and 24-230VAC
  • 0.1 s to 120 h, 7 ranges


Omron H3DK Industrial Timer

Omron H3DK Industrial TimerThe Omron H3DK Solid State timers provide users with a whole series of functions to suit multiple requirements and applications, all in a compact 22.5mm wide DIN-rail housing. The H3DK timers are deigned to easily fit into panel designs.

Main Features:

  • Finger-safe terminal block and captive screws according to EN 50274
  • New 12VDC model available in all the subfamilies
  • New Star-delta model with supply voltage up to 440Vac
  • 24&48v integrated in the same model for the OFF-delay Timer
  • Wider time range (Time setting 0.1s to 1.200h)
  • Complete compatibility with H3DE series


Omron H3YN Miniature Timer

Omron H3YN Miniature TimerThe Omron H3YN timer features 4 multi operating modes: ON-delay, flicker ON start and flicker OFF start. The H3YN has multiple time ranges and multiple operating modes.

Main Features:

  • H 28 x W 21.5 x D 52.6mm
  • Plug-in
  • All supply voltages available
  • 0.1 s to 10 h
  • DPDT (5A) or 4PDT (3A)


Omron H3RN Ultra Slim Timer

Omron H3RN Ultra Slim TimerThe Omron H3RN Timer is an ultra slim timer for G2R relay sockets. This timer is ideal for usage where space is limited. Multiple times ranges and operating modes can be chosen using DIP-switches. Power ON and relay ON indicators provides easy monitoring.

Main Features:

  • H 46 x W 13 x D 29mm
  • Plug-in
  • 12VDC, 24VDC and 24VAC
  • 0.1 s to 10 min and 0.1 min to 10 h


Omron H3CR DIN 48 x 48mm Multi Functional Timer

Omron H3CR DIN Multi Functional TimerThe Omron H3CN is a DIN 48 x 48mm multi functional timer. This range of solid state timers provides users with multi functional, twin timer, star delta timer and a power OFF delay timer.

Main Features:

  • 48 x 48mm front-panel/plug-in
  • High-/low-voltage models (except -H and -G)
  • 0.05 s to 300 h (except -H and -G)
  • DPDT, 5A at 250VAC
  • Transistor 100mA at 30VDC

Omron Digital Timers

Omron Electronic Digital Timers are ideal for accurate settings and control. The Omron H8GN is the world's smallest 48 x 24mm electronic digital timer. Within the 48 x 48mm range, Omron have an advanced variation the H5CX, with a two colour display.


Omron H5CX Timer

Omron H5CX TimerThe Omron H5CX is the most complete digital timer on the market. The H5CX timers have been designed with enhanced features to suit any users application.

Main Features:

  • H 48 x W 48 x D 59 to 78mm
  • Three-colour display value, red, green or orange
  • Models with Instantaneous Contact Outputs
  • 0.001 s to 9999 h, 10 ranges
  • Input NPN, PNP and contact


Omron H8GN Timer

Omron H8GN TimerThe Omron H8GN is a compact preset counter/timer, a 1/32 DIN timer and counter in one. The Omron H8GN is easy to switch between timer and counter functions. During use, it is possible to switch the display to monitor the totalising count value in 8 digits. The Omron H8GN comes along with many sophisticated functions as a standard.

Main Features:

  • H 24 x W 48 x D 83mm
  • 8-digit display, 4 value and 4 set value
  • Front mounting
  • 0.001 s to 9999 h (configurable)
  • 24VDC

Omron Motor Timers

The Omron range of motor timers includes miniature, high performance motor timers the H2A, the 48 x 48mm DIN-sized model H2C with variable time ranges and the mechatronic analogue timer the H3AM, which has an easy to see large setting dial with moving pointers.


Omron H2C Timer

Omron H2C Timer The Omron H2C DIN-sized (48 x 48) motor timer series provides users with many features, such as ON-delay, time indicator, moving pointer and synchronous motor. The LED indicator shows time operation, time rang e and rated voltages.

Main Features:

  • DIN-sized 48 x 48mm
  • Front-panel/plug-in/DIN-rail
  • All supply voltages available
  • 0.2 s to 30 h
  • SPDT, 6A at 250VAC


Omron H3AM Timer

Omron H3AM TimerThe Omron H3AM timer has an easy to read large setting dial with moving pointers, a wide time setting range of 0.2 s to 60 h and a broad AC power supply range (100 to 240VAC). The programmable contact facilities the building of a self holding relay circuit as well as built in instantaneous contacts.

Main Features:

  • Front 96 x 96 x D 85mm
  • Front panel
  • 100 to 240VAC
  • 0.05 s to 60 h
  • DPST, 5A at 250VAC

PCB Timers

Omron's H3FA DIP model timer for PC-board use provides contact and solid-state output.


Omron H3FA Timers

Omron H3FA TimerThe Omron H3FA timer has four selectable time ranges, depending upon the model. The timer operation can be controlled through an external variable resistor and can be mounted on a 24-pin IC socket.

Main Features:

  • PCB-mounting timer
  • H 20 x W 17.75 x D 36.9mm
  • 5, 6, 12 or 24VDC
  • 0.1 to 60 min
  • SPST-NO and SPST-NC 3A

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