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Omron Vision Sensors & Systems

Omron Vision Sensors & SystemsOmron Vision Sensors Systems offer varying degrees of intelligence to allow the most suitable industrial solutions to be selected for assessing problems. From easy vision teach & go systems, to high end, network ready, high resolution vision engines, Omron Vision Sensors provide ideal solutions for modern industry.


Omron Vision FH Controller

Omron FH Vision Controller

The new FH Vision controller is specifically intended for seamless integration with PLCs, motion controllers and robotic control systems, suited for high speed manufacturing machines of all types.

FH vision controllers feature a new and exceptionally efficient vision algorithm, high-speed image bus, four-core processing and fast EtherCAT communications.

  • Four-core image processing
  • Fast EtherCAT communications
  • Innovative Shape Search III
  • Up to 8 high resolution cameras
  • Supports Microsoft┬« .NET
  • Compatible with Sysmac Studio Automation software


Omron Easy Vision Sensors

Omron Easy Vision Sensors can be easily set up in minutes. The Omron FQ is an innovative vision sensor to solve easy applications. The Omron FQ features a simple 3 step procedure to configure an inspection function (Teach & Go).


Omron FQ2 Vision Sensor

Omron FQ2 Vision SensorOmron FQ2 New Standard in Image Inspection and Code Verification

The Omron FQ2 is an all in one smart camera designed as a low cost, high function inspection system. High speed full colour processing using 16.7 million colours. Advanced features such as OCR and code reader. All in one system eliminates the need for several devices to perform the one inspection. Compact in design with built in Ethernet/IP abilities.

Main Features

  • Powerful functionality with versatile line-up
  • All-in-one-housing
  • Direct Part Marked (DPM)
  • Code Verification
  • OCR Technology
  • Advanced Inspection


Omron FQ Simply Guided & Crystal Clear

Omron FQ Vision SensorThe Omron FQ Vision Sensor range defines a new era of simplicity and performance. Omron benefits from state of the art technology without the need for complex operation instructions or technical know how. With one touch control via PC or intuitive Touch Finder console, users can access all functions and settings quickly and easily.

Main Features

  • One-touch control
  • Crystal-clear image quality
  • Real Colour Processing (16 million colours)
  • Operation via PC or handy TouchFinder screen


Omron Vision Sensors


The Omron Xpectia series define a new class of vision systems for performance in touch with simplicity. Real colour sensing, high resolution, 3D functionality and intuitive user guidance combined provides users with pure simplicity, regardless of how complex the inspection process is.


Omron Xpectia-Lite FZ (Simple flexible & Crystal Clear)

Omron Xpectia Lite FZ Vision SensorThe Omron range of FZ-Lite, integrates the benefits of a smart camera and a powerful vision system in a single platform. The enhanced image clarity of the Omron FZ is achieved by using an intelligent camera to enable simple setup, fast installation and enhanced optical performance.

Main Features

  • Crystal-clear image quality
  • Real Color Processing (16 million colors)
  • C-mount and Smart Cameras
  • EtherNet/IP & TCP/IP communication


Omron Xpectia FJ Fast Machine Integration


Omron Xpectia FJ Vision SensorOmron Xpectia FJ Series Vision System combines the benefits of a compact system with the power and flexibility of an industrial PC platform. The Omron FJ system enables users to develop tailored vision solutions quickly, no matter if they are creating a new application or modifying and existing one. Easy HMI creation, enhanced flexibility and fast integration make the Omron FJ series an ideal vision system.

Main Features

Quick customization:

  • Starting from a complete system
  • Fast drag and drop programming
  • Choice of ready-made GUIs

Seamless integration:

  • Proven component compatibility
  • Wide selection of intelligent cameras

Stable, high-speed processing:

  • Advanced algorithms
  • HDD-less controllers


Omron Xpectia FZ3 Vision System


Omron Xpectia FZ3 Vision SystemThe Omron Xpectia FZ3 defines a new class of vision system: real colour sensing, high resolution, intuitive user guidance combined, provides users with pure simplicity no matter how complex the inspection.

Main Features

  • True colour system: 16 million colours
  • High resolution cameras: 5 million pixels
  • Touch-screen for easy operation
  • Industrial-PC platform


Omron Xpectia FZD 2D & 3D Measurement


Omron Xpectia FZD Vision SystemThe Omron Xpectia FZD is a 3D Vision System which enables both 2D and 3D measurements at the same time. The Omron FZD features an intuitive touch screen for easy operation.

Main Features

  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspections
  • Easy calibration
  • Long distance inspections
  • Real colour sensing


Omron Code Reading

The Omron Datamatrix and Barcode Readers come with the excellent image quality of the FQ Vision Sensors. Integrated high power LED lighting and HDR imaging technology enables dependable code reading even in challenging applications.


Omron FQ-CR1 (One Touch Codes)

Omron FQ-CR1 Vision Code ReaderThe Omron FQ-CR1 is a compact code reader which enables accurate, reliable and easy reading of barcodes and 2D codes, with superior clear imaging technology.

Main Features

  • 1D code reader
  • 2D code reader
  • Crystal-clear image quality
  • One-touch control via simple, icon-driven menu


Omron Pick & Place Sensors

Omron Pick & Place Sensors enable fast and precise positioning for motion tracking. Omron Sensors are optimised to detect at high speed with high accuracy the position and orientation of any object.


Omron FQ-M Vision Sensors

Omron FQ-M Vision SensorThe Omron FQ-M Vision Sensor Series is a vision designed specially for Pick & Place applications. The Omron FQ-M is compact, fast and communicates with all devices via EtherCAT or standard Ethernet. The Omron FQ-M includes an incremental encoder input for easy tracking calibration.

Main Features

  • Made specifically for pick & place applications
  • Encoder input for conveyor tracking and calibration
  • Sharpe based object detection
  • Smart calibration wizard
  • Sysmac Studio software for vision system operating and setting


Omron FZM1 (Positioning Applications)

Omron FZM1 Vision SensorThe Omron FZM1 Vision Sensor is a part of an enhanced image processing series with an intuitive user interface optimized for positioning applications.

Main Features:

  • Stable measurements under changing conditions: difference of the work piece, dust and dirt, and changing ambient environment
  • Shape based option positioning: separation of attached objects, detection of partially hidden objects, compensation of rounded or broken edges
  • Alignment and quality inspection in one system: inspection of scratches and defects, detection of dirty or overlapping objects, edge and corner breakage inspection, and automatic calibration for robots, XY and UVW stages
  • Flexible camera installation: use different fields of vision and install at any angle


Omron Industry Vision Solutions

Omron Industry Vision Solutions (FlexXpect) is a modular Vision platform featuring industry specific functionality. In combination with the powerful Omron Xpectia hardware, the Omron FlexXpect software modules allow users a new dimension of specialisation. The Omron FlexXpect is simple to use and can be customised easily, to focus on individual needs. The combination of Xpectia1s real colour sensing, high resolution and intuitive user guidance combined with the FlexXpect software value added tools provided an ideal vision solution.


Omron FlexXpect Pharma

Omron FlexXpect PharmaThe Omron FlexXpect Pharma vision system is an ideal choice for a cost effective automated inspection solution, with additional software functionalities to allow systems to be validated to 21 CFR Part 11 standards.

Main Features

  • user administration
  • audit trail
  • generate and export configuration data
  • program revision history


Omron FlexXpect-Labelling

Omron FlexXpect LabellingThe Omron FlexXpect Labelling has been designed to deliver tailored functionality for inspection of labels and packages:

Main Features

  • Code reading (Barcode, Datamatrix)
  • 360┬░ inspections of bottles
  • Real colour processing items
  • High resolution
  • Easy & intuitive configuration


Omron FlexXpect Glue Bead

Omron FlexXpect Glue BeadThe Omron FlexXpect Glue Bead enables inspection the complete sealing of automotive parts in one shot. Driven by real colour functionality, any sealing can be identified and checked, independent to how visible it is. Featuring a fast and simple setup, the automatic calculation of the path it represents a powerful and straight forward solution for any glue applications.

Glue Bead inspection

  • correct path
  • thickness
  • interrupt


Omron FlexXpect PV

Omron FlexXpect PVThe Omron FlexXpect PV delivers tailored functionality to align wafers and inspect them for chips and cracks.

Main Features

  • Easy and intuitive set-up
  • Automatic extraction and teaching of the PV wafer
  • Precise inspections with high resolution cameras
  • Automatic robot calibration
  • Fade-out strings and conveyor belts


Supported PV inspections:

  • Precise wafer and string alignment
  • Accurate chamfer chip inspection
  • Detection of minute edge cracks
  • Bus bar alignment on the wafer


Omron FlexXpect Picking

Omron FlexXpect PickingThe Omron FlexXpect Picking delivery tailored functionality for accurate positioning and alignments for high speed pick & place applications:

Main Features

  • Easy and guided setup using the Application Wizard
  • Simple auto-calibration with the picker
  • High speed cameras and positioning algorithm
  • Simultaneous quality inspection
  • EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP


Omron Illumination & Accessories

Omron Illumination & Accessories offer a wide range of vision accessories including lighting and lenses. Dedicated strobe controllers are available which enable direct connection and control from Omron Vision Systems.


Omron FL Lighting

Omron FL LightingThe Omron FL series provides the ideal lighting solution to achieve a powerful and stable illumination in the field of view (FOV) of an application. A sharp image, with a high contrast is a necessary pre-condition for a stable image inspection system. Innovative Omron ODR technology defines a new dimension of brightness and ensures that there is always enough light for any application.

Main Features

  • High-brightness ODR lighting
  • Uniform illumination across a wide field of view
  • Easy and secure installation, light adjustment, and control


Omron 3Z4S-L & FZ-LT (Powerful Illumination)

Omron 3Z4S-L & FZ-LT (Powerful Illumination)The Omron FZ-LT and 3Z4S-L series offer a wide range of illumination, lenses and strobe controllers for Omron Vision Systems. Smart inspection solutions can be created due to the direct control of illumination to Xpectia and ZFX. Power supplies are no longer necessary for lights, which helps save costs and space in end user applications.

Main Features

  • Full range of illumination: bar-, ring-, coaxial-, spot-, dome-light etc.
  • Lenses for any resolution
  • Strobe controller for ZFX and Xpectia-FZ


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