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Omron Electromechanical Relays

Omron Electromechanical Relays Omron Industrial Automation: is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Electromechanical Relays

The Omron Electromechanical Relays range from general purpose to special purpose industrial relays capable of switching loads from micro-amps to 30 A, incorporating numerous features and configurations.

Industrial Plug In Relays

Omron Plug-in relays are used in combination with industrial sockets for DIN-rail mounting. Wiring of Omron Plug-in Relays is done by conventional screw terminals or by screwless clamp technology.

Omron G2RV Strong Mechanical Pin Relay

Omron G2RV Mechanical RelayThe Omron G2RV industrial slim relays has a width of 6mm, offering significant space saving without compromising relay reliability or features. Push-in terminal and a full range of accessories are available for simplifying wiring and time saving.

Main Features:

  • Large plug-in pins - excellent connection
  • LED / mechanical flag - check operation
  • Transparent housing - check condition
  • Slim outline - space saving
  • Push-in / accessories - simple wiring
  • G3RV compatible

Omron G2RS Plug-in Relay

Omron G2RS Plug-in RelayThe Omron G2RS Relay sets new standards in feature design and reliability. These are Slimline interfaces relays which provide enhanced features and flexibility for more user friendly installation, operation and commissioning. The Omron G2RS comes with standard nameplate and mechanical indicator.

Main Features:

  • Space saving - 16mm with socket
  • SPDT type 10A, DPDT type 5A
  • LED indicator, colour coded green for DC versions, red for AC versions
  • Test button, momentary and lockable, blue for DC, red for AC versions
  • Screwless clamp-terminal sockets available

Omron MY Plug-in Relay

Omron MY Plug-in RelayThe Omron MY Plug-in Relay is a versatile relay, brining in enhanced features and flexibility for more user friendly installation, commissioning and operation.

Main Features:

  • 10A (DPDT) and 5A (4PDT) contact types, gold-clad contacts (MY4)
  • Mechanical and LED indication
  • Push-to-test button - momentary and lockable
  • Labelling facility
  • Hermetically sealed (MYH) and latching (MY2K) and PCB types available

Omron LY Miniature Power Relay

Omron LY Miniature Power Relay The Omron LY series relay is equipped with an arc barrier and built in diode. The LY comes in double-, three, and four pole models. Available mounting types for the LY Relay are as DIN-rail by socket & flange mounting.

Main Features:

  • SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT and 4PDT contact types
  • DIN-rail by socket, PCB and flange mounting types available
  • 10A rated load

Omron MK-S General Purpose Relay

Omron MK-S General Purpose RelayThe Omron MK(S) is an exceptionally reliable standard series of relay. The MK-S is equipped with a lockable test button, offering same function / operations as the MY(S) and G2R(S) ranges.

Main Features:

  • 8-pin DPDT and 11-pin 3PDT contact types
  • Switching current up to 10 A
  • Lockable test button for easy testing
  • Temperature rating from -40C up to 60C

Industrial High Power Relays

The Omron range of power relays is able to switch high current of up to 160 A in various contact configurations. Recently, a 4 pole 40 A G7Z series has been added to the portfolio. Omron Power Relays can be mounted using screws, clips or on a DIN rail, whereas wiring cable are possible using screw- pcb or quick-connect terminal, depending on the product family.

Omron G7J High Capacity Multi Pole Relay

Omron G7J High Capacity Multi Pole RelayThe Omron G7J Relay has a rated load current of 25A. Due to the miniature hinge for maximum switching, the G7J can switch both motor loads as well as resistive and inductive loads. The Omron G7J has no contact chattering for momentary voltage drops up to 50% of its rated voltage.

Main Features:

  • 4PST-NO, 3PST-NO / SPST-NC or DPST-NO / DPST-NC contact types
  • Quick-connect, PCB or screw terminals
  • 25A rated load
  • Compatible with momentary voltage drops
  • Can be used like a contactor

Omron G7L Multi Pole Relay

Omron G7L Multi Pole Relay The Omron G7L is a high capacity, high dielectric strength relay, compatible with momentary voltage drops. The Omron G7L is equipped with a double-break mechanism and a test button (excluding -P models)

Main Features:

  • SPST-NO or DPST-NO contact types
  • Quick connect, PCB or screw terminals
  • 20, 25 or 30A rated load
  • Compatible with momentary voltage drops
  • Wide range of applications with 100 or 200V coils

Omron G7Z Compact 160 A Power Relay

Omron G7Z Compact 160 A Power RelayThe Omron G7Z Power Relay series provides a compact, cost efficient solution for applications such as inverters, UPS, solar and fuel cell battery circuits. Coil ratings for the G7Z are available in both 12 and 24 VDC. Power consumption is less than 4 watts.

Main Features:

  • Switching current 160 A (40 A rating / 4-pole / IEC-AC1)
  • Switching voltage 440 VAC
  • Safety function with mirror contacts in various configurations
  • Power consumption less than 4 Watts
  • Low Switching Noise (70 dB)

Omron Sealed / Latching / Power (DC Load Switching) Plug in Relays

Omron Special Plug-in relays are ideal for applications which require enhanced requirements such as a hermetically sealed cover or latching contacts. The latter available as magnetic double winding coil or alternatively as ratchet version performing make / brake operation at each pulse input.

Omron MK-S(X) DC-Switching Relay

Omron MK-S(X) DC- Swithcing RelayThe Omron MK-S(X) is the smallest relay in the world which can switch to 220VDC, 10A resistive load. Applications include safe and reliable switching of valves, solenoids, contactor coils and other instances where high resistive loads are encountered.

Main Features:

  • Suitable for DC-switching
  • DC load switching up to 10 A; 220 VDC (resistive load)
  • AC load models are capable of switching up to 15 A; 250 VAC (resistive load)
  • SPST-NO/SPST-NC contact form enables contact welding detection
  • Lockable test button for easy testing

Omron MY4H Hermetically Sealed Relay

Omron MY4H Hermetically Sealed RelayThe Omron MY4H is a fully hermetically sealed relay is ideal for usage in hazardous locations (available also with bifurcated contacts).

Main Features:

  • 4PDT contact type
  • 3A rated load
  • Class 1 Division 2 approval
  • Bifurcated contacts available to achieve very low minimum switching current

Omron MYK Magnetic Latching Relay

Omron MYK Magnetic Latching RelayThe Omron MYK Relay has a Double Winding Latch System which holds residual magnetism.

The magnetic materials make changes due to aging negligible, ensuring long continuous holding time. Throughout the life of the relay, there is little change in characteristics such as contact follow, contact pressure.

Main Features:

  • Magnetic latching relay
  • DPDT contact type
  • 3A rated load
  • Excellent vibration/shock resistance
  • Built-in operation indicator ensures easy ON/OFF operation monitoring

Omron G4Q Ratchet Relay

Omron G4Q Ratchet Relay Each contact in the double-pole contact mechanism of the Omron G4Q Ratchet Relay performs alternate make-brake operation at each pulse input and is thus ideal for alternate operation or transfer/switching operation of a motor.

Main Features:

  • Positive operation is assured due to the unique ratchet mechanism
  • Satisfies dielectric strength of 2,000VAC
  • Low power consumption (AC: approx. 6.4VA; DC: approx. 3.9W)
  • DPDT contact configuration

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