Filling Machine Application

Filling Machine Application

More Control KBW Filling Machine When KBW Packaging decided to develop a new range of tablet counting and liquid filling machines, they turned to More Control for technical assistance.

KPW designed and developed a complete range of counting and labelling machines to work at different levels of productivity and to be very flexible for a range of products. Paramount to the overall success of the filling machines was their ability to accurately count with precision to ensure that correct item amounts and correct labels were allocated to each product item.

"With the reducing skills base in control system design and rising costs we felt that More Control could assist us during the development stage, rather than employing a full time engineer.

The team at More Control discussed in detail the requirements for the new machines, and were a vital part of our development team, offering advice and guidance as we developed the mechanical design.

Once the specification was agreed they went about designing and developing the new machines. The end result was a revolutionary new range of machinery which has allowed us to compete with much larger foreign companies in a very competitive market."

- KPW Managing Director

Working in conjunction with KPW's sales team and their mechanical design team, More Control provided the electrical and system expertise to produce the automation for the new filling machines.

Now the filling machines have been developed, More Control continues to provide and supply a cost effective solution to logistical supply. With a full kit of automation parts and complete control panels on others, the time to assembly the filling machines were greatly reduced.

This has enabled KPW to concentrate its efforts and resources on the sales and promotion of the machines globally.

If you have an application or a machine that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400 and one of our technical engineers can determine the most the viable automation solution to suit your business needs.

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