Field Electrical Power Supply

Field Electrical Power Supply (FEPS) Generator

Field Electrical Power Supplies (FEPS) mobile power generation/distribution units for use in remote, harsh environments where access to electrical grids is not possible or where rugged high performance required.

Designed for worldwide operation in demanding environments, range of highly mobile, diesel powered generators have been developed for expeditionary forces for use in ever varied climatic conditions. While technologies have improved significantly to deploy FEPS generators in some of the harshest locations around the world; it is not always possible to manage the electrical requirements and even harder to monitor the generator status in remote locations.

FEPS Generator - Application Brief

Experts in system integration and remote monitoring solutions, More Control was asked to develop an innovative system to remotely monitor the FEPS Rolls Royce Motor Generators ensuring correct operation, status, power procedures and all running parameters.

Working on several Rolls Royce Generators, More Control developed & tested a bespoke system to remotely monitor the generators in inaccessible locations around the world.

The concept was to track when fuel levels were running low and monitor running processes. Information from the generator is stored locally then remotely sent out via email to any set address around the world. System setting could then be programmed and changed via an easy to use bespoke program to allow effective management of FEPS generators anywhere around the world.

This simple yet elegant function allowed for the seamless control and remote monitoring of FEPS generators around the world.

For more information about FEPS Generators and remote monitoring solutions, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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