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Production Counter Box Utilised in numerous industries, a production counter is used to monitor the real time status of any of production, batch-wise or individual in an industrial environment.

Allowing for accurate monitoring of production, a production counter can help improve the productivity of a process by providing real time information on production to allow operators to assess their levels of productivity and plan their production lines accordingly.

Over the years More Control have installed a large selection of timers, counters and displays which can be combined into an almost countless arrangement of counting possibilities. Customised to end user applications, More Control can implement a counter best suited to any application needs.

More Control Solution

The customers wanted to install a simple production counter which was mounted into an enclosure, to be used in a rugged environment. A reset button was added to avoid the counters own button being used to destruction.

Two M12 Connectors were fitted, one for power and one for a sensor input. This makes the production counter box a simple "plug and play" piece of equipment.

For more information about Production Counters & Production Monitoring, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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