2D Code Reading Colour

2D Code Reading & Vial Cap Colour Check

More Control 2D Code Reading & Colour Check A typical pharmaceutical product consists of a leaflet, vial with a coloured cap and carton.

Given the nature of pharmaceutical products it is imperative to ensure that reliable detection and checking of the product packaging is carried out to ensure complete product tracking & traceability to occur.

More Control Application

More Control was asked to confirm the 2D Codes on the leaflet and carton on products as they passed through the production line and to also check the vial cap colour on each product.

The first checking device is a Cognex DM100 which looks at the 2D Code on the leaflet placed on the bottom of each carton. This device was fitting with a C-mount lens and an extra LED ring light to allow the reading of small codes from a longer distance.

The second Cognex DM100 checks the correct code is located on the carton flap. This device uses a standard inbuilt light and optics.

Omron FQ Colour Check The third inspection device used is an Omron FQ vision system (see picture 2). This is a low cost unit but has a very capable colour checking algorithm. The Omron FQ has crystal clear image quality with real colour processing of up to 16 million colours.

It was essential that each device could accurately detect each code on the product at speed as the production line speed could reach speeds up to 60ppm.

For more information on 2D Code Checking & Colour Checking applications, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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