Energy Saving Application

Energy Saving Application Sub Meter

Using Sub Metering to identify to high energy use areas.

The energy bill for most UK factories is constantly increasing. In many factories this extra cost can relate to hundred of thousands of pounds.

This extra spend comes straight off the bottom line profit, making UK manufacturing even less competitive with China and Eastern Europe.

So what can be done to manage this cost?

The first question to ask is "where is the energy in our factory used?"

Most factories simply do not know, because the only electricity meter is the one provided by your supplier that sits on the incoming supply.

Most factories can save approximately 10% of their energy costs by simply turning things off when they are not required. If in the domestic environment the average household could save £32 per year by turning off unused lights, then, imagine the waste caused by your 500W conveyors left running over the lunch break.

To be able to attack the high demands area in industry and to asses the effectiveness of energy saving measures, some type of sub metering must be fitted.

More Control have partnered with Schneider Electric in several large energy saving projects and are able to supply you a complete range of power monitoring products.

The use of inverter drives can also be an effective energy saving measure in some applications. We are able to asses each case individually and produce a projected energy saving report for your company.

To remain competitive in the modern manufacturing environment and to survive against cheap imported goods, it is essential to utilise your energy resources efficiently.

If you would to find out how to save money in your factory or you wish to become more energy efficient, feel free to contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400 and we can inspect your factory and determine the ideal energy saving automation solution for you.

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