Ultrasonic Detection

Ultrasonic Detection Application - Contrinex UTS

Coloured product detection using a Contrinex UTS ultrasonic sensor.

In the manufacturing and packaging automation industry, ensuring that the correct products are packed into the correct container is essential for maintaining production line efficiency.

With modern packaging materials utilising various different colours and materials, it can be quite a challenge to effectively sort out and manage production lines to correspond products to their appropriate packaging container. (Especially if you have multiple items being sorted)

Automation Packaging Problem

The customer packed Gels of different colours in clear plastic containers and used a Photoelectric Sensor to detect the presence of the containers prior to packing. However, depending on the colour of the Gel, the sensor could falsely trigger.

By replacing the Photoelectric Sensor with the Contrinex UTS-1180 Ultrasonic proximity sensor, (UTS-1180C- 303) the container was detected irrespective of colour.

The use of photoelectric proximity sensors the container was detected irrespective of colour provides excellent presence detection of containers prior to packing.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

  • No physical contact required with the target to be detected, therefore, no moving parts so no friction and wear out
  • Fast switching characteristics
  • Unlimited number of switching cycles since there is no mechanical contact
  • Can work in harsh conditions
  • Any type of target material can be detected

If you require an ultrasonic proximity sensor system for detection products and containers, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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