Fallen Bottle Detection

Fallen Bottle Detection Application System

Application Details

A leading food manufacturer had been experiencing problems on their production line with fallen plastic bottles prior to filling. This was causing major jams at the filling station, leading to loss of production, increased downtime and wasted product.

Solution Provided

More Control designed and built a control panel to detect a fallen bottle and provide a means to eject the bottle from the line via a pneumatic solution. The system used an array of clear bottle detection sensors, one looking near the bottle base and the others above the mid point.

The sensor output signals were fed back to an intelligent relay which via the logic interpreted when a bottle had fallen. This then triggered the eject sequence removing the bottle before it reached the critical area at the filling station. The introduction of this system reduced downtime, wastage and increased overall productivity.


Part Numbers:
Eaton Moeller Easy 512DCRC
Eaton Moeller Pushbuttons and Indicators
Omron E3ZMB86T x3 + Reflectors
Stainless Steel Enclosure
SMC Solenoid Valve, Cylinder and fittings


Budget Value


Target Industries: Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries

If you have questions about bottle detection systems or require any assistance on your production line, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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