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Missing Cap Detection System

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Application Brief

Customer had a conveyor / production line system for packaging of healthcare products. It was imperative to ensure that all products had their caps in place (given the nature of the product).

Customer requested a simple, cost effective control system to detect if a cap was missing from a healthcare product.

If a non-capped product continued along the conveyor it could topple over at the next stage of production and contaminate the pallet of goods.


More Control Solution

More Control used two Omron Retro Reflective Laser Sensors and a logic control relay to solve this issue.

One sensor detects the lead edge of the product while the second sensor checks that a cap is present on the product. If the cap is missing/absent, the logic relay stops the conveyor and issues an audible warning alarm.

This simple and straightforward system allowed the customer to ensure that all products had a cap on their products. For production lines with large quantities of products or conveyors moving at speed, this system is easily adaptable to eject the faulty product from the conveyor as opposed to stopping the whole production line.

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