Mobile Barcode Checking System

Mobile Barcode Checking System

Mobile barcode checking system

More Control was approached by a contract packing company who had sent out a customer’s order using the incorrect packaging.  This was a costly mistake in terms of rework time, transport costs and customer confidence.

A solution was required that could be deployed to any conveyor used on the factory floor with minimal set up time.  The solution More Control provided consists of an aluminium frame on locking wheels with control panel and barcode readers.

A handheld barcode reader is used by the line supervisor to scan the correct packaging. This sends the barcode number to a static reader where it is stored as the master “Matchcode”.

The static reader is positioned above the conveyor using a high quality friction arm for maximum versatility.

Each product passed along the conveyor is detected by a sensor which triggers the static reader to check the barcode.

Several result types are indicated and displayed on individual counters,

  1. Code matches the “Matchcode”, a green LED pulse and increments a counter.
  2. No code is read, a red LED and audible alarm sounds, fail count increments
  3. The incorrect code is read, a red LED and audible alarm sounds, fail count increments
  4. Products are too close together, a red LED and audible alarm sounds, fail count incrementsControl panel for barcode checking system

The fail conditions can also be used to generate a line stop output if required.

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