Environmental Chamber

Environmental Chamber Upgrade Repair Application

Application Brief

When your environmental chamber decides it will no longer function and your work load is mounting up, then sometimes a control system upgrade offers the only practical solution.

Controlled by an obsolete IMO Nexus PLC unit to provide sequencing of the various compressors, valves and heaters the environmental chamber was used to test components for MOD suppliers to ensure they will perform when deployed in the theatre.

The environmental chamber was approx 10m x 3m x 3m and could function in temperature variances down to -50 degrees and up to 50 degrees

The environmental chamber suddenly developed a catastrophic failure and nothing would run resulting in valuable component testing time to be lost.

More Control Solution

Working on behalf of a major Air conditioning and servicing company, More Control provided a solution to the failed Montford instruments environmental chamber.

Although the main contractor had maintained the chamber and had recognised that the unit had failed, its rectifications were outside their knowledge and area of expertise.

As the unit was obsolete and no software back was available, the system had to be re-designed based on drawings and knowledge of the control sequence. Having extensive knowledge of control sequences and various environmental chamber systems, More Control was able to use the information that was available and replace the PLC unit with a new current model and then write new software and commission the unit.

This allowed for a quick fix to the environmental chamber and provided options for future proofing the unit.

If you have a control system that is becoming obsolete or require an engineer to help rebuild your systems, contact More Control and our engineers will be able to work with your application to get you up to speed in no time.

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