School Lighting Control

Innovative School Lighting Control Application

Customer requested to look into reducing their energy consumption in their school. Frequently, teacher & pupils would leave the lights on in classrooms when not in use.

The School building is classified as a "listed building" and did not wish to have any new cables installed throughout to automate their lighting system. Furthermore, cables would be unsightly and expensive to install to go into the conduits.

More Control Lighting Solution

Utilising the existing lighting system of the school, More Control adapted the lighting system with Moeller X Comfort wireless devices. To ensure that all rooms which were not used for a period of time had their lights switched off; More Control configured a simple yet effective absence detection network. After a period of 30 minutes if no presence was detected in the room, any lights left on would automatically switch off.

When anyone enters the room, they can turn the lights on / off via a wall switch. The use of a micro detector connected to the white board in each classroom would sense the presence of anyone within the room. Then if no-one is in the room the micro detector would connect to the wall switch and switch off the light.

This lighting control system is quick to install, requires no additional wiring and is easy to operate and modify if need be. Utilising the Moeller RF Software, set points and triggers between devices can be programmed with ease. A simple operating screen provides users with a clear viewpoint of the system and displays which elements are offset when a triggered action is put into effect.

If you have a lighting control system that you wish to have designed and developed or wish to save on energy costs, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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