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Application Details - Air Amplifier

Meech Air AmplifierCustomer had to stop production regularly within their factory, the issue resulted after a label was applied to a jar and the backing was being re-spooled. The backing had a tendency to snap using the current system. This would cause production to stop while the backing was cleared and set to spool again. More Control was asked to solve this issue to speed up production time and efficiency.

Air Amplifier Solution Provided


More Control supplied Meech Air Amplifier which was used to generate an air flow through its centre this pulled the backing through to be deposited in a waste container and as a result presented an immediate solution to the problem.

Meech Air Technology Energy Saving Air Amplifiers provide large airflows whilst only consuming a minimal volume of compressed air.

A tiny amount of compressed air is released through an adjustable circular slot inside the Air Amplifier creating a 'tube' of air. The 'tube' of air then travels towards the front creating areas of low pressure behind and in front that entrains ambient air at a ratio of 12, 20 and 25:1 depending on the size of air amplifier.

Meech Air Amplifiers are available in six sizes in stainless steel or aluminium to suit a wide range of applications.

Part Number :A15006

Budget Value: £130.00
Business Sector: EU

For more information about this air amplifier application, Meech Products or if you require an air flow application contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400

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