Perfume Bottle Detection

Sensor Bottle Detection Application

Application details

Customer was having inconsistent outputs from a product sensor detecting a filled perfume bottle.

More Control Solution

e3s dbMore Control supplied an Omron transparent object sensors which has a 3mm light spot size. The sensitivity of the sensor allowed the leading edge of the bottle to be detected by stopped false triggering as the bottle passed.

Parts Used:

Budget Value:

Omron E3S-DBP22T (transparent object sensor)

Omron E3S-DB sensor provides most reliable detection of all kinds of transparent objects such as PET bottles, glass bottles or transparent trays.

  • Most reliable detection of all transparent objects
  • Smart Teach enabling fast set up and optimum threshold setting
  • Narrow beam types detecting smallest gaps
  • Proven for environments in Food & Beverage industry

If you have a bottle detection applications or want more information on transparent object sensors, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.


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