Laser Marking System

Laser Marking System for Disk Media

An OEM which manufacturers laser processing machines was developing a system for marking and labelling finished disk media.

Instead of using a conventional laser scribe to cut into the delicate disk surface the customer wanted to create a system that uses laser marking to avoid disk media deterioration and contamination.

Application Overview

Customer wanted to integrate a laser disk tagging system to create a permanent and visible physical feature on the disk media for identification and reference marking. The system was required to be comprised to include PC control, CO2 laser beam generator, a pulse calibrator, beam reflectors, a Beam Modifying and Energy Stabilizing System (BMES), and disk handling.

The customer required an industrial grade PC to complete with at least 4 communication ports, digital and analogue I/O channels.

Application Solution

By using the Advantech IPC-610 series industrial PC with six I/O and communication cards, the system could handle computing tasks and control of all devices. The laser pulse calibration was controlled by the PCI-1710U.

The shutter and BMES are then controlled by the PCI-1752U to ensure the right laser beam could enter the galvanometer.

Through the galvanometer, the laser beam was focused to the surface of a glass disk in order to mark it. Patterns designed in the computer are sent to galvanometer through to the PCI-1739U to direct the laser beam to the right xy position on the surface of the disk.

With the implementation of the PCI-1780U controlling the disk, the alphanumeric characters could be formed onto the disk.

Application Summary

The customer achieved a field proven laser process solution with selectable signals or double side tagging. This system minimised operation costs, development time and integration.

Offline and inline PC control used the same CPU boards and I/O cards which was convenient for application software development and integration. The LED indicators on the terminal board allowed the computer to check digital I/O status without the need to check the computer.

The hardware implementation time was reduced one PCI-1739U was enough to control all positions in the xy scanner of the galvanometer. Overall, this application helped reduce running costs, space and necessary PCI slots in the PC.

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