Glue Temperature Sensor

Hot Glue Temperature Sensor

More Control was asked to provide a quick solution for a UK based manufacturing plant. Our customer was using an infrared camera system to detect when hot melt glue was applied to a plastic cap within the production line. When the vision system needed replacing due to fault or upgrades it would provide a pricey problem for the company.

Challenged with a more economic and efficient solution, More Control was able to supply a “Turck Banner” temperature sensor which was then taught to sense the hot temperature of the adhesive and in turn give off a signal when the plastic cap was present but without the application of glue.

Turck Banner M18TB8QThe sensor was swiftly installed and programmed via one of our engineers, offering a considerable price drop in the expenditure of the manufacturers operating costs without having any effect on its production schedule.

Product Overview (M18TB8Q)

The T-GAGE analog sensor is a passive, non-contacting, temperature-based device. It is used to detect object(s) that are either hotter or colder than the ambient condition, and then activate an output.

While it looks and operates just like an Expert™ photoelectric sensor, the TGAGE detects the infrared light energy emitted by objects, instead of its own emitted light. The sensor uses a thermopile detector, made up of multiple infrared-sensitive elements (thermocouples) to detect this infrared energy within its field of view.

Potential other applications include:

  • Hot part detection (baked goods, metals, bottles)
  • Ejection verification of injection-moulded parts
  • Flame process verification
  • Hot glue detection (packaging equipment, book binding, product assembly)
  • Cold part detection (frozen foods, ice, dairy)
  • Roller monitoring

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