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Artistic Lighting Control Application

Light Control Application Upon the request of international artist Malcolm Buchanan-Dick, More Control was offered to develop an innovative light control installation at the Art plus final awards ceremony at the Milton Keynes Gallery.

Malcolm Buchanan-Dick won the prestigious Art plus awards scheme back in 2005 and was invited to speak at the ceremony about his experiences since winning.

The projects that Malcolm typically incorporates deal with aspects of light and light projections on imagery. Working alongside More Control, Malcolm was able to create the desired images for his installations.

The installation outside the Milton Keynes Gallery was composed of a Giant A + image that contained over 400 glass bottles with coloured LED lights in each bottle. Each bottle and light combination required 4 separate wires, giving a total of 1600 wires all connected to a control unit powered by a car battery.

More Control provided the control system necessary for the combination of the different coloured lights which produced the "A" image in various stunning colour combinations.

In May, Sworavski approached More Control to help them with an urgent project that was required for the Milan Design Exhibition. Sworavski, wanted to install xxx individual crystal balls to move up and down from the ceiling and at a pre-designed time to come together to form a crystal chandelier.

If you have a light application that you wish to have designed or develop, contact More Control on:
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