DC to AC Drive

DC to AC Drive Conveyor Repair Application


Application Details

Customer had a breakdown on his spray line DC drive conveyor. More Control assisted with the repair which was a faulty emergency stop.

During fault finding it become apparent, the DC drive master / salve cards were now obsolete and any further issues in this area would completely stop production.

Solution Provided

More Control designed, built and installed an AC drive system. The install was planned to minimise down time and provide a reliable modern drive solution.

Included in the installation were the CAD generated circuit diagrams, layout and designs.

Advantages of moving over to an AC drive control meant the drive was virtually maintenance free as there was no brush changes required. The AC drive has a greater dynamic response, lower repair costs and utilises more modern technology.

Budget Value: £2600 (For control panel only)
Part Numbers: Omron MX2 VSDs, CPM1A PLC + Control Gear

For more information about DC to AC Drive applications or if you were assistant on your production line, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.


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