Blister Packing Inspection

Blister Packing Line Vision Inspection Application

Vision Application Details

Omron FZ Vision System The customer had an obsolete vision inspection system which had become impossible to support with spare parts. A replacement system was required that was low cost and easy to support.

More Control Solution Provided

More Control demonstrated the use of the Omron FZ colour vision system. This system can successfully detect missing and rogue tablets across a wide product range. The system is easy to configure and can be integrated to the existing control system.

The camera system is trained to detect the specific colour of the tablet that is in production. In this fashion it can detect both missing and rogue tablets.

Omron FZ Vision SystemThe items required are as follows,

  • FZ controller
  • FZ camera
  • Special dome lighting
  • Dome light cable 5m
  • 5m camera cable
  • 5m I/O cable
  • 10amp 24vdc power supply

Omron FZ Vision SystemWe can also quote to fit the system, integrate it to your line and provide training if required.

Part Numbers: FZ
Budget Value: £7000

For more information about inspection vision systems, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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