Laser Marked Detection

Laser Marked Detection

Cognex DataMan 8000Customer was looking for a cost effective and reliable device to ensure that all products were laser marked on their production line prior to dispatch. As a mandated requirement in most industries today the customer needed to ensure direct part marked codes were compliant.

More Control Solution

Using the Cognex 8600V series handheld verifier the customer was able to easily verify that products had the correct laser marks whilst on the factory floor, rather than at a remote or fixed verification station. The Cognex 8600V series provided fully integrated designs, lighting and positioning and software in one package.

The DataMan 8600V is compliant to AIM guidelines and quality standards. This handheld device is designed for use in harsh factory floor environments and is able to read direct part marking for the most challenging of barcodes.

The combination of compliance and portability of the DataMan 8600V series verifier allowed the customer to have a readily available, cost effective and reliable handheld solution.

For more information about the Cognex DataMan 8600V download the product datasheet here.

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