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Quality Control System – Industrial PC Solution

Many electronic device manufacturers use machines with PLC’s as controllers which need to be able to communicate with a central server for auto process sequence control.

A large device manufacturer was facing problems with the communication between their older PLCs and the new server.

The customer desired an automated system which could easily handle the communication with the server and provide their engineers with an easy to use interface to monitor their manufacturing.

The customer had been using a manual quality control system which depended on the engineers to verify each unit had been checked before being sent to the next machine, which was causing many of the devices to be defective.

The customer had recently bought a new server and had discovered that many of the legacy PLC units were having trouble communicating with it. They needed to automate their quality control process with a reliable system which could communicate with the production server to ensure quality control for each device checked.

Automation Solution

The new system installed was designed to have an auto select, trace and record function which the original PLC units could not do.

By using the Advantech FPM-3121G as an industrial monitor and the PCI-1761 digital input card, the customer could to effectively connect to safety door switches, on/off buttons, light indicator, alarms and signal control. Each unit that was checked had a unique barcode which was scanned and sent to the server to verify the process.

After each process had been verified the system would continue running the process or generate an error code if the unit had not been sent to the correct machine.

Parts Used:

12.1” Industrial Monitor with Resistive Touchscreen, Direct VGA, DVI and Wide Operating Temperature

8-ch Relay and 8-ch Isolated Digital Input PCI Card


The new system installed could successfully automate the quality control process, significantly increasing the reliability and efficiency of the entire production line.

By using the Advantech HMI the engineers could easily monitoring and manage the manufacturing process with ease.

The new PC based system provided a much larger memory and an open architecture which was easier for programming with several options for expansion.

For more information about PC based control systems or Advantech industrial products contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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