Inspection Medical Connector

Inspection of a Medical Connector

More Control Omron FZ3 In the medical industry each application & component used is subject to rigorous standards of safety performance and reliability. Connectors and cable assembles are no exception, as medical connectors help complete an array of medical solutions.

To meet these high standards More Control have implemented inspection systems to ensure that each product is fully formed prior to final assembly.

More Control Application

The customer wanted to check whether a plastic clip was fully formed prior to the final assembly of a medical connector. To do this, More Control utilized an Omron FZ3 Vision System to reliably perform this inspection in just 24ms.

The Omron FZ3 series is equipped with Dual Mega ARCS Engines which process data twice as fast with complete parallel processing, allowing for high speed multi task processing. Parallel processing not only speeds up inspection but allows the system to inspect two completely different lines with a single sensor or adjust parameters during inspection.

The programming and test was performed by our test engineer. The customer was given full training to support the system in case of the event of failure and how to change parameters to inspect different target objects.

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